Siting a Polycrub

When it comes to thinking about where to site your Polycrub, as well as the size of any available space, there are a number of practical considerations which may impact on your chosen location.


You’ll need at least 1m in space around the Polycrub to be able to access the Polycrub and have space to get around the outside area for maintenance checks.

Leaving this space will also mean shading from fences and other structures is reduced and ventilation is less hindered - good air circulation inside is vital. Try to avoid siting the Polycrub under trees as they will affect sunlight.


Think about whether you’d like to locate the Polycrub close to your home. We find that Polycrubbers like to spend lots of time in their polycrubs and it’s handy to be able to pop out easily for daily watering, opening and closing doors or windows, or just for relaxation or nipping in to pick a few courgettes for lunch!
You might want to install a mains water supply, or other services. The closer to your house the Polycrub is placed, the easier and more economical it will usually be to run services to it.


The ideal orientation is running from East to West, but the light properties in a Polycrub are excellent, so it isn’t essential to site the Polycrub in this direction. If you live in a high-wind area, it might be more important to consider an orientation that would mean the prevailing wind will hit the ‘roof and walls’ of the Polycrub, rather than the gables.

Level ground

It’s technically possible to build your Polycrub on a slope, but it makes things slightly more complicated. Our construction instructions are based on building on a level site, but customers can modify the instructions to take account of a slope. Just remember to build the Polycrub level on the site.

Growing space

Many customers choose to build raised beds for growing. The most popular layout for 4 metre wide Polycrubs is one long raised bed up the centre, with a bed and path on either side. Remember to make paths wide enough for your wheelbarrow! Shelving and benches are also popular, as is the use of pots, tubs, hanging baskets and growbags.

If your Polycrub is built on soil, you can grow straight into it, watering and tending plants as necessary.

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