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Our designs feature a 4 metre wide, Polycrub Classic range and a smaller 3 metre wide Peerie Polly range. The Polycrub Opyl range is ideal for storage and small livestock. The length sizes increase in 1 metre increments, meaning customers can find the perfect size for their chosen site. Prices begin at £2800 including VAT.

Polycrubs are supplied as kits, with detailed construction instructions and drawings. They can be built by anyone with suitable building skills and experience and, because they have been designed and developed in Shetland, Polycrubs are the unique solution for the harshest of climates. Both ranges can be delivered directly to you.

We have supplied Polycrubs from Shetland to the Falkland Islands.

4m wide Polycrub Classic range

Our 4 metre wide range of Polycrubs offer lots of growing space. The larger sizes are great for keen growers, community groups, schools, businesses, farmers and crofters, or for several people to share.

ModelWidth (mm)Width (feet)Outside length (mm)Outside length (feet)Height (mm)Height (feet)

Peerie* Polly – 3m wide Polycrub range

*’Peerie’ = ‘small’ in the Shetland dialect.

Peerie Polly is our 3 metre wide range. This size is ideal for individual growers and is sufficiently compact to fit into small and medium sized gardens or growing spaces.

ModelWidth (mm)Width (feet)Outside length (mm)Outside length (feet)Height (mm)Height (feet)

Polycrub Opyl

The Polycrub Opyl has been designed to be used for storage, livestock or poultry. The sheeting used on the Opyl is not transparent, but creates a light and airy building. It also reduces the amount of heat entering the structure in comparison to the Polycrub Classic.

Depending on the required use for the Opyl, good ventilation and appropriate humidity levels could be very important. We invite customers to work with us to customise the gable-end finish to best suit their needs.

The finished height of the Opyl, the internal fit-out and the type/size of doors and windows can all be customised to suit each customer.

The Polycrub Opyl can be supplied in any of the sizes in the Peerie Polly or the Polycrub Classic range.

If you would like more information about details and prices, please contact us by e-mail or phone and we’d be delighted to discuss the possibilities.

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