Why Polycrub?

August 14th 2018
We are often asked about the unusual name for our product. Polycrub.

Many of our would-be customers think it’s called a ‘polygrub’. No. It’s a Polycrub.

Some people ask why we don’t just call it a polytunnel – well, we’ll explain;

We’ve created something different. Robust. Durable. Resilient. So, we wanted to give it a different name.

Hundreds of years ago, Shetlanders needed somewhere sheltered to grow-on young kale (cabbage) plants, used mainly for animal fodder. Shelter is often not easily found in Shetland! It can be a bit breezy!

Stone was the building material of choice in past times. So our ancestors built round, stone-walled shelters to protect the young kale plants from the worst of the wind, until they were strong enough to be transplanted into ‘da kale yard’. Locally, this stone structure was known as a ‘planticrub’. Planticrubs can still be found, and are often still used, in Shetland today.

At nortenergy in the 21st century, our building material of choice is polycarbonate. We decided to merge the name of our chosen material with a name from past growing history in Shetland. The planticrub helped crofters nurture plants through the toughest of climatic conditions.

It was an ideal link to our 21st century design. The ‘polycrub’ was born.

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