Storm Strength from Shetland

Polytunnel/greenhouse hybrid designed in Shetland and built to withstand high wind speeds and the harshest of climates.


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  • Polycrubs for Business

    “We really enjoyed growing in the community Polycrub, but we needed more space to expand the range of produce we could grow for Drumquin - it was a natural progression to buy a Polycrub of our own. We also wanted peace of mind that any structure we bought would be able to cope with the tremendous winds we can get here in Shetland”

    Leslie Anderson Owner, Drumquin
  • From Shetland to France

    Because Polycrubs are sold in kit form, they can be transported to customers far afield. Molly in rural Burgundy, France recently became the proud owner of a Polycrub.

  • New ‘therapeutic’ Polycrub is at the heart of Hillswick

    “I think more health centres should think about having a Polycrub. It’s of great benefit to patients and staff, and is a genuine community resource.”

    Dr Bowie GP, Hillswick Health Centre
  • A trio of Polycrubs

    In four short years, Tom and Sue are well down the road to a more self-sufficient lifestyle.


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